Bonus Post: It’s Dec. 1st. One month is left in 2011. What do you want to accomplish before 2012?

Greetings, fellow blossoming researchers.

The title to this post says it all: Today is December 1, 2011. In this FINAL month of 2011, what to do you want to accomplish personally, professionally, and personally professionally, if you know what I mean?

[Just FYI: This post topic was inspired by a discussion thread at]

Once you think about, please share what you can (what’s prudent to share) via the comment feature below.

Here’s what I came up with (please feel free to comment or ask me about any of the terminology and lingo therein!).

Resources needed:

  2. FAITH.
  3. FOCUS.
  4. Omm Writer Dana II Zenware for distraction-blocking writing
  5. Mendeley, Noodletools Citavi, and my Scrivener proposal template with embedded guidelines
  6. a couple of specific books
  7. re-enrollment resources
  8. math ed conference info
  9. paper, writing utensils, and laptop
  10. my researcher’s blog
  11. self and self-care 
  12. and last but not least, God and His favor and love from folks around me
THE DECEMBER VISION: What Would Be Good To Accomplish December 2011 Just In Time for January 2012
  • Re-enroll in graduate school.
  • Turn a corner regarding the literature review (you’ve been talking about how you are DROWNING in 500+ PDFs for months. Pointedly and strategically exit this quagmire!) Goal: To literally (literally) see the lit review SHAPING up. Indicator of success: Having a COMPLETE “Works Cited” list for it. Steps needed to accomplish this:
    1. Copy and paste my Penzu researcher journal quick-writes into Omm Writer Dana II (to close off the Internet/email/etc.), and get some “coherency” to the quick-writes there in the Omm Writer environment. Have just ONE coherent document at the end of this step.
    2. Take the resultant Omm Writer -generated more coherent document, distill an outline from it, and record the outline in Noodletools.
    3. In Noodletools, add your sources and notes to support/substantiate and clue the reader IN to the the progression of ideas in the Omm Writer document. Sequence the notes, and then click the “generate bibliography” option. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Works cited done!
    4. Next step will be to export the Noodetools notes/draft to Scrivener for writing AROUND the notes with content already articulated in the Omm Writer document. This will constitute a nice, REAL draft! Yayness!
  • Given my newly created, shaped-up lit review, assign myself a series of 5-page papers to write that can easily morph into proposal sections. Use older versions of these to help (i.e., “You’ve been here before, don’t keep starting ALL over!”) When it comes time to draft the new ones, perhaps try the following workflow:
    1. Compose them initially as quick-writes in Omm Writer Dana II (to close off distraction from the internet, email, etc). Use Pomodairo to track how dedicated you’ve been to the tasks: You ALWAYS underestimate how much time you put in, and you tend to work less pointedly/efficiently than you could. Noticing all the tomatoes “passing by” will help you to notice the need to have claim to something being DONE each set of 25 minutes.
    2. Transfer each quick-write to the Noodletools environment. There, add supporting notes and citations.
    3. Transfer initial quick-writes from Noodletools to the appropriate proposal section in my Scrivener proposal template.
    4. In Scrivener, edit the quick-writes, and there compile them into one document! Yeah! THAT should work!
  • Schedule at least ONE professional event that would be deeply inspiring, motivating, momentum-engendering, affirming, etc.
  • Continue giving back whatever I can on this journey (i.e. post to this blog every 2 weeks or so).
  • Continue walking this journey with peace, awareness, and the great dignity that it affords/entails.

So what about you? You don’t have to share here (though I’d love to be inspired by your vision for the month of December), and you DEFINITELY don’t have to go into this much detail (wink!–We are all each of us different, right? HUGE SMILE!)

But seriously: Think about what a “good December” would look like for you. Get it into black-and-white. Place it before you. We can all discuss how our Decembers turned out once January gets here? Agreed? PACT!

Have a great one . . .



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