BLISSED-OUT Academic Due to Citavi (Citavi has me giddy, ya’ll!)

Update 01/14/2014: Here’s a video:

So . . . as many of you know, academic workflow is a HUGE issue with me. I can’t “talk” long at the moment (too busy flowing in a blissful momentum of academic progress, clarity, and WRITING), but let me just say this: Have you heard of Citavi?

It’s free. And you MUST download it. It is an academic researcher-writer’s DREAM, is all I can say.

Here is the QUICKEST way I can think of for you to get a feel for this software: Go to Once there, click on videos and slideshows. Have at it. I think you will be BEYOND impressed. Please post back so others know: Citavi is the BOMB!

Once I get some time–perhaps over the holidays, I will try to create an “academic workflow”‘ post that discusses the (1) Zotero/Mendeley –> (2) Citavi (and Tufts VUE if you like mind mapping and content mapping) –> (3) MS Word<–>Scrivener flow that is ALL YOU NEED to work in such a way to SQUASH a lot of the reasons for stalledness/stuckness. I am buzzing along, ya’ll. I’m straight giddy right now and CRUISING, if you can’t tell by my speech register. 😉

NOTE: If you are reading ANYTHING that you might want to cite–even if you have not YET applied to graduate school–if I were you, I would stop right now and obtain Citavi. That’s how “bad-mamajama” this software is.

Aside: I would pay and pay for this software. Right now it’s free as long as you have less than 100 references. Please. Cop. This. Now.


Okay. Going back to my academic work now. Until next time, family.



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