“Dissertation Crises” Post from the Organizing Creativity Blog

Greetings, folks!

With this post I’m just briefly popping in to share a very share-worthy link, in my humble opinion! πŸ˜‰ It’s about beginning-, mid-, and end-dissertation crises, and I found it insightful as an excellent heads-up as well as word of encouragement.

UPDATE: In the original post, I shared the link. Then, the creator of the blog commented with the following (see comments) with this reply:

Personally I’d recommend this posting here:Β http://www.organizingcreativity.com/2011/10/the-future-of-your-research/Β β€” it’s a presentation about β€œThe Future of Your Research β€” How to organize a scientific work?” and covers a lot of issues, from the basic mindset to presentations …

I checked out the link above, and it is CHOCK full of AWESOME content a la “unwritten rules about PhD research writing.” VERY much worth your time.

I’ll share the link from his blog that I originally had in mind anyway (it’s good, IMO, too). I hope you find it’s a benefit! It’s located at http://www.organizingcreativity.com/2010/05/dissertation-crises.



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