My First Prezi (i.e an alternative to PowerPoint) !!!


After watching a TED Talk about the no-no’s and to-do’s of making PowerPoint presentations, I gave making my first Prezi a shot. (A Prezi is like a PowerPoint, but with zoom-in, zoom-out, and other features).

This content of it is a response to an assignment in Joseph A. Maxwell’s book “Qualitative Research Design.” It’s a “for-the-researcher’s-eyes-only” type of assignment. In other words, it’s not to be shared professionally. It’s just to help the researcher reflect on ultimate aims, possible related questions, unconscious biases, etc.

Here’s the link: My first (very informal) Prezi: The Evolution of the Research Question

What do you think about the Prezi format? Too much for the academy?

To be fair, there’s a whole bunch I don’t yet know about how to make a Prezi better. My font was too big for most of the time, for instance. Too close!

But about the Prezi technology itself in general: What do you think? Have you seen one presented in a formal academic setting? Have you or anyone you’ve know presented to your department using a Prezi instead of a PowerPoint? What were the results? How were the talk, the presentation, and the Prezi itself received?

As always, thanks for visiting!

Have a blessed day!



1 thought on “My First Prezi (i.e an alternative to PowerPoint) !!!

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