[Video] Quotes and Tips Photo Album for a PhD/MA Survival Kit

The best dissertation is a done dissertation.

One tiny step at a time: That’s the way.

Working feels better than not working.

Quotes and tips such as these actually really help as they take root and become a part of the thesis or dissertation writer’s mindset, especially when reinforced and shared in a community of writers and researchers.

So how to keep them at the forefront of one’s mind once you identify the quotes and tips that really help you?

I’m sure there are many, many ways. What I’ve done is to create a 4-inch by 6-inch photo album of said quotes and tips, complete with a STAND so the quotes and tips can be displayed as I work (see 50-sec video below). The frame cost me $5, and it took me 15 minutes to copy and paste the quotes and tips as jpegs or MS PowerPoint slides and another 6-7 minutes to print and cut them out.

Besides those displayed in the video, I have some VERY personal KITA (“kick-in-the-a**) quotes in the photo album as well! The photo album is an item in my PhD/MA Survival Kit.

How do you keep helpful quotes, tips, and desired mindsets at the forefront of your mind? Please share!


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