The Power of SINGLE-tasking: For a Glimpse Paste This Text to


Lately task management, effectiveness, motivation, and efficiency have endured as topics of concern both in my circle of fellow graduate students and at the academic forums at which I participate. Accordingly, in this post I prompt you to explore the wonderful and SIMPLY effective tool, NowDoThis, which takes advantage of the power of single-tasking.

I think that the best way to learn about the usefulness and workings of NowDoThis is to jump in and try it and then afterwards visit the NowDoThis blog to quickly learn the details about how to effect certain features in NowDoThis.

Give it go, then! Let me help: To being experimenting with NowDoThis, you can copy and paste the list below into a blank text window at and click “Ready.” Then explore! Explore the tabs feature by clicking on different tabs. Then return to the FIRST tab (freewrite) and experiment with the timer (when there is one!). Try starting the timer and pausing the timer. Next, click “done” and see what happens. Continue exploring and clicking.

After conducting this exploration, pay a brief visit to the NowDoThis blog at to learn details. (NOTE: The best tip I gleaned from the blog is how to get NowDoThis to run in the sidebar/bookmark window in Firefox, freeing your main window browser up while keeping your tasks displayed to the left. Brilliant!)

Once you have gleaned insight from the NowDoThis blog, try it on your own! Start afresh and type a to-do list into NowDoThis. Use colons, time tags, etc. to create the effects you desire.

Below in blue is that practice list I mentioned above for you to copy and paste into Please let me know your thoughts about NowDoThis and/or single-tasking. Your reviews are GREATLY appreciated and help others to know what to try and avoid, saving people time!



Note: Copy and paste the blue text below into to explore the NowDoThis app:

Step 1 Freewrite:
(1 of 5) Open a blank word processor file (20 sec)
(2 of 5) Write about what you know so far (5 min)
(3 of 5) Write about what you did last work session (3 min)
(4 of 5) Write about what’s missing in this conversation (3 min)
(5 of 5) Write about what you want to accomplish today toward continuing the conversation (3 min)

Step 2 Skim prior stuff:
Note You will write out a to-do list as you are skimming
(1 of 5) Grab the file folders containing the lit you are presently working with
(2 of 5) Skim it just to reacclimate your mind
(3 of 5) Open work files you worked on last session
(4 of 5) Skim them, just to reacclimate your mind
(5 of 5) Write the to-do’s that came to mind as you skimmed

Step 3 Type your to-do list into NowDoThis:
Type your to-do list into NowDoThis (10 min)


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