PERFECT & FREE: SpiderOak Syncs and Backs Up Your Work, and It’s Easy!!!


Today’s post will be another quickie but goody:

Last month my laptop died.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking: “Please tell me you had everything backed up, Mickey! Oh, please!”

Well, sort of. It’s a long story and really random that the day I “unbacked up” things, my laptop died. (NOTE: The “unbackup” was just supposed to be momentary, and I had a good reason!). I was able to salvage 90% of my PDFs because I store my PDFs in Mendeley, and Mendely backs up to the web. That was a HUGE relief.

I lost a lot of other stuff, though. It was a low, low blow. Thank God for tech-y spouse, who reinstalled my new hard drive and re-downloaded or re-installed all of of my software. (I’m pretty sure his latest blog post was inspired by his work to get me back up and running.) It still required a tremendous effort to get back to where I was before (writing progress-wise), though. Uggh.

Lesson learned! I now  backup every thesis-related thing I produce via SpiderOak. It syncs beautifully, backs up effortlessly, and is super-duper simple and intuitive to use.

What is your method of backing up your data and work? How do you like your method? Do you have a “lost work” or “lost data” horror story to share to inspire folks to back up their work? Inquiring minds want to know, so please feel free to share via a comment what’s working for you!



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