Have you seen KanbanFlow? I think I’m in love?

Greetings, fellow blossomers!

So, it has been too long since I’ve posted to this blog. With vacation time and personally-imposed research and writing deadlines, It has taken longer than I’d wish for this new post.

So, I’d better render this post well worth the wait, right? 😀 For this post, I would like to introduce you to the web-based application known as KanbanFlow.

KanbanFlow is in beta production and it is web-based. HOWEVER, it is free and very fluid like Workflowy. (I know, right?!!! Ooh, la la!) Best of all, there is a Pomodoro timer embedded in the bottom for your use when you would like to employ it.

I’ve only just begun giving this application a test run. However, so far so good! It is visual, it is keeping me focused, and it is informing me about how much time I allow “to be eaten up” as the day goes by. In other words, it is informing me about whether the passage of time corresponds to production of text. As with most use of the Pomodoro technique, that is its invaluable value: Knowing one’s level of efficiency or inefficiency as each 25-minute period after each 25-minute period after each 25-minute period goes by!

“Once you have the last version of Google Chrome, you should be good to go with KanbanFlow, the developers say.”

NOTE: I’m using KanbanFlow in the Internet browser Google Chrome and having no issues with it. I am hearing at Phinished.org that other browsers don’t fare so well. The developers of KanbanFlow sent me an email in response to my feedback to them about some people’s experience of crashes. Their reply was that one must “force” Google Chrome to update itself to the latest version by clicking o the wrench in the upper-right-hand corner of Google Chrome and then selecting “About Google Chrome.” Once you have the last version of Google Chrome, you should be good to go with KanbanFlow, the developers say.

IMPORTANT: Avoid issues behind KanbanFlow’s being in beta by using their print button to print and save backups of your work in it. I personally have had no issues, but please, please don’t try this out without periodically printing. IMHO, It’s MORE than worth this small action while the developers work to move it out of beta production.

So: Did I succeed? Was this post worth the wait? In other words, Is KanblanFlow worth a gander, or if you have looked at KanblanFlow, is it worth using? As always, your comments are craved!

Well, it is so good to be back. 🙂 I hope your summer is shaping up the way you want it to. I hope you are learning to position yourself more and more to do what you love and to love what you do.

Best wishes, happy productivity, and blessings to you!




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