The Good that COULD NEVER Have Happened without the Bad That SHOULD NEVER Have Happened


When I’ve been thesis-ing for hours and just reach a point where I can’t process another dat-gum thesis-related thought, I switch to some other activity such as (a) watching episodes of “Suits” (USA) or “The Big Bang Theory;” (b) taking a walk; (c) “fixin'” myself a healthy snack; (d) or reading what I intend to be non-thesis pleasure reading or personal development reading.

So, I just read the most INTERESTING phrase in one of the personal development -type books I’m currently reading during thesis down-time. It is:

“In the case of human-caused evil, it will be a good that never could have happened without the evil that never should have happened. We’re dealing with the mystery of paradox here.”–Paul F. Knitter

Mm. What a profound description to bring to the fore the neatness and coolness of such occurrences, ya know? It’s like in the bible story of Joseph when he tells his brothers, “You meant it for my bad but God meant it for my good” (serious paraphrase).

So, once again, my non-thesis related reading takes me straight back to thinking about my thesis and graduate school and life in general.

Question for you: Has this happened in your thesis or diss writing, or in your graduate school experience as a whole . . . that something really important and good has come of and is only possible because of something bad that never should have happened?

It might be some good idea, good resource, good connection, good meeting, good class, good opportunity, what have you, that happened precisely because initially something “bad” happened.

I dunno! I’m sure this has occurred for me, but I’ll have to think about it a moment before I have clarity about it.

And you? Any such joyous, inspirational, and/or victorious stories of this nature to share?

Regardless, it’s a thought-provoking phrase, yes? Food for thought indeed!

Blessings, and I hope your day is bright today.  



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