“Succinctifying”: One Awesome Technique for it that Rocks!

A PhinisheD forum member recently shared the following AWESOME technique for “succintifying”:

I found myself having to do some similar ‘succinctifying’ (love that term) recently on a big section of my proposal draft and stumbled across this technique –
I took a bunch of index cards (small ones, so I can’t get too wordy) then went through my draft and put each key idea/argument on a separate card, summarised in one sentence or less. Then on the back of the cards, I listed the sources I had to cite to support each one. Once I’d done that, I found a few peripheral points that I was able to drop (so interesting! yet so unnecessary…) I also managed to consolidate some of the citations, reducing several footnotes in different sections down to a single cite. Then, I played ‘shuffle the index cards’ and worked out a more streamlined way to structure everything.

Good luck with the revising!

I love this person’s method! It gets you out of your computer a bit and allows you to take a step back.

How do you streamline your writing? Please let us know!



1 thought on ““Succinctifying”: One Awesome Technique for it that Rocks!

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