I’ve almost overcome my “I-need-huge-chunks-of-time-to-write” problem with THIS excerpt/advice of Rowena Murray’s


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Greetings, all! I hope this post finds you well.So, a few months back I asked around for advice on how to overcome the problem of thinking I can only get writing down if I have HUGE CHUNKS of time available.Then I accidentally obtained a … Continue reading

Online Pre Peer Review??? Chapter Swap and UNC’s AWESOME YouTube Videos on Academic Writing

What do you think about submitting your writing project online, for a peer to review, before submitting it to a journal?

That is what Chapter Swap is all about. Check it out here: http://chapterswap.com.

My first thoughts are: “Awesome! How motivating. Fulfills an IMPORTANT function!” I’m still mulling it over, however, trying to imagine any drawbacks/problems. 🙂

I see zero problems, however, with the UNC writing tutorial videos shared at the Chapter Swap website in order to assist reviewers in reviewing writing.

Here’s the link: http://chapterswap.com/howtodoareview/.

These videos are awesome and reflect much of the BEST I’ve read about writing.

So, what do YOU think about Chapter Swap? Awesome or concerning?


[Videos] Idea Mason Demos: A RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS Academic Research and Writing Software Program


Last post I introduced Idea Mason. Let me just say: Words cannot express how clear I am on my project, thinking, writing, and revising with Idea Mason. I switched from Scrivener to Idea Mason and am ELATED. This is one … Continue reading