[Videos] Idea Mason Demos: A RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS Academic Research and Writing Software Program

Last post I introduced Idea Mason.

Let me just say: Words cannot express how clear I am on my project, thinking, writing, and revising with Idea Mason. I switched from Scrivener to Idea Mason and am ELATED.

This is one awesome, entirely academic-tailored piece of software, well, well, well thought out and created by academics. 

So, it’s a good thing video can help communicate that message because . . .

. . .with this post I share demo videos of Idea Mason (see the links to the videos below, at the very end of this post)!

NOTE: The videos are best viewed by expanding them to full screen view AND SELECTING HIGH-DEFINITION by clicking the gear icon beneath each video once you are viewing them at YouTube. Then, if you wait a few moments, any blurriness should go away.

If interested but pressed for time, I recommend watching video 6 then video 5 before the others. You won’t really get a (full) sense of Idea Mason from them, but video 6 recaps quickly what’s in videos 1-5, and video 5 contains very important “DO NOT DO THIS IN IDEA MASON” information.

Idea Mason’s website is at http://www.myideamason.com. The demo videos are below.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, and take care!





Video #1: Working with Images, Citations, and Versioning in Idea Mason

Video #2: How Outlining, Writing, Revising, Editing, and Capturing Thinking all Just Work Together and Well in Idea Mason

Video #3: Idea Mason’s Unique Organizational Functionalities, and How They Just Make Working All the More Easier (Who knew?!?? )

Video #4: Fluid Working . . . What it Is that Makes Working in Idea Mason Just . . . Flow


Video #6: Closing and Recap


5 thoughts on “[Videos] Idea Mason Demos: A RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS Academic Research and Writing Software Program

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  2. Thank you so much for posting these videos! They are wonderful and I’m so excited that you share your know-how.

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