An Alternative to EDrawMax: Lucid Chart (a Google App)

Hi, all. I hope this post finds you well.

I’ve been using EDrawMax to make some of the images I need for my thesis paper. EDrawMax is expensive!!!

Here is a NIFTY alternative. There is a free version, and then different versions with increased functionalities for different monthly rates. It’s called Lucid Chart and it is a Google App.

There is also an educational version of Lucid Chart. I am not sure of the difference, but I believe that if you sign up with a legitimate school email, then perhaps you get more of the functionalities for free. Teachers use this app to assign flowchart and diagram and mind map -making to their students. NOTE: You cannot use both the generic and the educational version with the one, same gmail account. Just FYI.

Here is the url to the generic one:

Blessings, all, and vibes for your current endeavors. 

P.S. From last month, the pomodoro utility Orkanizer, available at, was a hit! A good handful of people let me know.  !Maravilloso!

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