[Videos and Links] Prepping for Academic Writing Month. It Starts Today!

Academic Writing Month Is Here!


For the past week or so I’ve been prepping to participate in AcWriMo, or Academic Writing Month. I revised my outline, gathered my materials, re-examined my writing process, and made some revisions.

I’m using Write or Die to create writing challenges for myself, and I’m using James Hayton’s Three Month Thesis blog as my academic writing coach. Other writing helps include those found at Duke’s Writing Center web page: http://twp.duke.edu/writing-studio/resources/academic-writing/drafting. NOTE: The two links under “Paragraphs and Transitions” are particularly useful.

Below are two videos documenting some of that process. The first video shares my streamlined computer folder/file structure. And the second video shares the amazingness of Citavi: How it can reside within MS Word to make citation and bibliography-building a cinch, and how it is best friends with Adobe and web browsers. This is especially useful with Google Scholar. NOTE: Mac users can run Citavi via Windows parallel.

Enjoy the videos, and many vibes for your current endeavors!