Embodied learning & its productive limitations

I love Katherine Firth’s post on embodied learning. It gets at all sorts of wonderful points behind my need to do not just pomodoros but S.M.A.R.T. pomodoros.

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It’s funny, we talk about limitations as if they were a bad thing . As if eternity and infinity and boundlessness was superior to now and today and here.

But we all know that nothing motivates like a deadline. We all know that some of the best poems are sonnets. We all know that the bloated budget film is often worse than the tight little indie feature (the Lord of the Rings films vs The Hobbit films anyone?).

Much of the writing about learning online seems to be all like:

‘on the internet there are no boundaries, no bodies, no time! We are infinite and beyond our bodies and this is a good thing!’

N. Katharine Hayles (1999) has already effectively addressed this tendency, (and I’ve already written a riposte to this point, another attack on the disembodied life of the mind), and so I’m not going to rehash that particular argument…

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