About the Blog’s Manager

Welcome, academic researchers future, present, and past!

I go by Mickey, aka Z. I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard University. I am a computer programmer turned teacher turned graduate student, and I am presently completing a master’s level research study.

This all renders me a people lover, a tech-o-phile, and one who is VERY passionate about research education, graduate student induction, our learning of graduate level academic writing, and mathematics education and research.

I started blogging because my journey to becoming an academic research writer almost “took me out” in the beginning! I was advised to write ANYTHING–anything at all, even a blog post–so that I might develop some writing chops and muscle.

I’ve written “worried and scared,” self-educated myself about academic writing by reading tens of books and getting feedback, established a writing methodology, and tried many, many tools and strategies endeavoring to help myself in the process.

I share much of my experience via this blog and hope it inspires your own reflection and gives you hope: No one started with less understanding about graduate school, research, and writing than I, and I’m okay! 🙂 No matter how much you have to learn or have had to learn, you’re fine! Just keep moving forward. JUST THINK: It’s pretty rewarding and such a blessing to enjoy the privilege of transforming from knowledge user to formal knowledge producer, right? Yeah!

This blog is being built dynamically from your comments, so literally, your posts and comments are what “make” this blog. Please  post to your heart’s content. We want to hear from you! (We want to steal your wisdom and make it available for all to see and benefit!).

Thank you for visiting, and blessings!


Mickey (Z)



4 thoughts on “About the Blog’s Manager

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  4. Hi Mickey,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog The research supervisor’s friend. In response to your question I think the RSD framework is excellent in that it deconstructs the very complex skills set required for research students to undertake a research degree.
    This year on my blog I plan to use conversations I have with fellow students about a range of issues associated with undertaking research degrees. If you would like to engage in an on-line conversation with me about the RSD framework I would love to use that as the basis for one of the blogs on the reserach supervisor’s friend
    Dr Geof Hill geof.hill@uq.net.au

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