(10) Video and Soundtrack for the Journey

NOTE: Here we post music and other video and audio clips that speak to the journey which the research student travels. Funny videos, serious videos, inspirational videos, spoken word, what have you: All forms of clean, relevant content is welcome.

Sound To Write To


Tortoise and the Hare Disney Cartoon from the 1930s

Coaching, grit, and the pay off of stick-to-it-iveness, across many scenes. I dare you to try to get through the football scene without tearing up!

If you feel you’ve really stumbled in your graduate studies or experience, whether you attribute the situation below to a Higher Power or not, please let it inspire you to stop thinking about any stumbles of the past, get back up, restart again, and cross that finish line. You can still do it! This woman INSPIRES!



Come on! You know you’ve got something in mind that would perfectly go here! Suggestions?


Awaiting your upload!

Spiritual -- Noncategorized
Spiritual -- Judeo-Christian
Spiritual -- Eastern

Awaiting your suggestions!

Spiritual -- Islamic

Awaiting your suggestions!


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