Good Point!: Breathe OUT Sometimes


Today I seem to be receiving the same message again and again, via various platforms:

  1. First, this link popped up in my twitter feed:
  2. It mentioned this excellent article, which changed my whole outlook on thesising for today:
  3. Then this blog post arrived in my email inbox, referring me to this excellent read:

These all spoke the same thing to me: “Z, get some things down, quick, and take a look at them!”

I must have been listening, subconsciously, because for the past hour I’ve been zooming along, capturing in text and with picture ways to maximize the research benefits of my current study. Consequently at the moment I’m feeling GREAT about my project, and if you are a student scholar especially, you know how significant it is to experience genuinely good feelings about your project, your work (both yield and process), and your sense of making progress.


At the moment I am inspired!: “breathing out” instead of always “breathing in.” My creative juices are flowing, and I see a clear connection between this work and the eventual write-up! Yes! I’m taking a Tiger Woods “knee to the ground while pumping the fist!” 🙂

What encourages you, academically-speaking and research or writing -wise? What inspires you? Have you connected with it today? As the links above advise, try “breathing out,” keeping in mind the wisdom of “being wrong as fast as you can.”

Godspeed with today’s endeavors,

Mickey (Z)