(3) Research Design Aids/Tips

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Below is a list of  books, websites, and tips on how to design various elements of your study. The list Includes ONLY what this blog’s co-authors consider to be the most helpful information on the matter they encountered. In other words, this is what helped/helps the co-authors successfully generate a workable, sound study design.

Visitors, please do share as well!: If you have relevant tips/aids to share, please augment this list via posting into the comment box below (at the bottom of this page). Thank you for sharing your hard-won wisdom and knowledge. You are a blessing!


Books, Websites, and/or Tips That Contributed Greatly to at Least One Blog Co-Author’s Ability to Conduct and/or Write-Up the Literature Review

Books (please click the book image to learn more)

John W. Creswell’s Research Design, Michael Crotty’s Social Foundations of Social Science Research, and Maxwell’s Qualitative Research Design are my academic research planning-writing-thinking BIBLES right now!!! NOTE (01/14/201): There is a now a 4th edition of the Creswell book and a 3rd edition of the Maxwell book)




This list is under continual construction, as intended. Please check back frequently! Thank you, and happy writing!


  1. NOTE: This list is under continual construction, as intended. Please check back frequently! Thank you, and happy writing!

A word of encouragement to all, especially for the (momentarily) weary:

There are people right now praying for your success in your endeavors to design, conduct, and write-up the results of a workable, sound study! Understand that you can get there, no matter what your feelings are doing at any given moment.

So stay the course. Close your eyes and just visualize the victory — stapling that final, finished version of this section/paper, and then running your hands over the top page of it in satisfied celebration.

Proceed, understanding that your research is important: It enhances a conversation that is important.

So please don’t forget to remind yourself: If you give your best day by day by day, then by definition there is NOTHING more that you can be doing. You’ve done you’re BEST and that is ALL that you can ever offer. Good deal!

The really helpful reflection: Giving your best allows you to trust in TWO things: growth and time: Giving your best causes you to grow, and the more you grow, the better your best will be and the more it will effect your success. So at this moment, you can psychically rest and know that this particular piece of the work will be done just then: When. It’s. Done. To reiterate: The key is to be able to know in your heart: “I have been genuine in my intention and effort to work both smartly and effectively at this, so regardless of how long it takes, the truth is . . . it can’t be done until it’s done. Giving my best each day means time is on my side..”

BEST wishes!

Your Dedicated Team of Blog Co-Authors


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